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Membership dues are for a calendar year. If you have questions, please call Dr. Jonathan Genzen (800) 242-2787, ext. 2661. If you have reached the age of 65 or have retired, you may request emeritus membership by writing to the secretary. The executive council reviews all requests and grants emeritus status upon request, according to the by-laws. ACLPS is a tax-exempt organization (TIN #23-7088244).

Payment is sent securely online via PayPal. Please note: You do not need a PayPal account to submit payment. If you wish to submit payment without creating a PayPal account, click the Continue link in the lower-left corner of the following payment page to finalize your payment.

When using a credit card that is not in the name of the ACLPS member (e.g., a departmental or institutional credit card), make sure you enter the name of the ACLPS member along with the credit card information so that we can update the dues status in our ACLPS records. Based on initial testing, it appears that PayPal may accept the credit card transaction even if the name entered doesn’t match the name on the card. Alternatively, you can enter the name of the ACLPS member under “instructions to the seller” on the checkout page following the page where you enter the credit card number.

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